Li Deyin VCDs

During the quarantine, we have been doing some cleanup around Plum and are finding some interesting items that, for one reason or another, we never catalogued.

The items below are a great example: out of print VCDs from famous Tai Chi Sifu Li Deyin. We have EXTREMELY limited quantity on these: in many cases, only one copy. We’ll try our best to remove those that sell out, but it’s possible that we will get simultaneous orders…we’ll do what we can.

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All VCDs are in Chinese only, and the price is $7.95 each. They are all brand new and unwatched.
If you are ordering a two part set, and only want it if BOTH parts are available, please put that in the notes!

And you can expect to see more “one-offs” coming in the near future.

TC Sword

Tai Chi 32 Part 1

Tai Chi 32 Part 2

Tai Chi Part 1

Tai Chi Part 2

Xing Yi Part 1

Xing Yi Part 2