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Hello out there. We hope this finds you all safe and healthy.

12 animal xing yi

12 Animal Xing Yi Lecture

10 Animal Xing Yi Lecture

Feng Zhi Qiang

Complete Introduction to 24 Move Taijiquan

Wu (Hao) Style Taijiquan Self-Defense









Today’s offerings range from theory to practice: two DVD lectures from the George Xu group on 10 Animal and 12 Animal Xing Yi, presented by Qian Zhao Hong and Jiang Bao Kang, respectively; two instructional texts, one on Wu (Hao) style and the other on Chen style Taijiquan. The two books are actually restocks that were unavailable for a long period, but we have found once again. The one by Sifu Feng Zhi Qiang has been particularly popular when available.

The two DVDs derive from the camps hosted by George Xu and his group in Colorada and California. These DVDs, whether featuring Xu himself, or hs colleagues, stand out in general as presenting high-level information from important teachers.

We are still operating and shipping daily, both domestically and internationally. As many of you have written to us, this self-quarantine at least provides some additional time for practice. We’d like to hear (and share) how you are getting along. You are dear to us.

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