A New Book Bevy

Well, we are happy to mark ourselves safe from the devastating fire that, over the past two weeks, destroyed over 80,000 acres in and around Santa Cruz county, the place we call home. Several friends had to evacuate, but none lost their homes or lives, although almost 1000 residences were destroyed, and it will take a long while to put all the pieces back. On a positive note, many of the trees here are redwood, which have natural fire repellent properties; as a matter of fact, there are actual benefits to them from fire, so most of these treasures still stand strong.

Now that we can once again concentrate on work, we have a well-rounded offering of new books into our Chinese books sections. Added to that, we have restocked a few hard to get items, which we will announce as soon as we can get to it. For now, below are the 5 newbies to welcome to the neighborhood.

Baji Collection

Bajiquan Collection: A good comprehensive text on Baji

Hand Arm Record

Hand Arm Record: Nice expanded edition from Lionbooks

Monkey Style Bagua

Bagua Zhang Monkey Palm: A recommended text on this little discussed Bagua animal

Single Ring Monk Sword

Jin YiMing’s Classic on the Single Ring “Monk” Sword

Bagua Zhang and Xingyi Quan

An unusual book on the Ruyi Kung method of Bagua Zhang, incorporating health practice with the martial