Where is Bruce?

bruce lee

The curious distortion of Lee’s airbrushed body says something about his cinematic popularity.

Is he still with us? Should we light an incense stick to his memory? Why not?

Bruce changed the world. He revised the image of the downtrodden who re-emerges and makes his way to victory. He brought a pair of cultures together—internally and externally—at just the perfect moment in history. And, some will say, he made a significant leap forward when he introduced the yellow jump suit into costumery.

Bruce brought humor, galantry, wit, physical excellence, tactical intelligence and more to his screen image and to his public presentation. In short, he crushed just about every “old man of Asia” image he could. As in the Chinese Connection, he took on so many opponents that,even as it exceeded cinematic plausibility, he nonetheless made it all somehow believable.

He was such a force of nature that it was difficult to define him or his message. Was he the “bad boy?” Superman? Robin Hood? Little trashy books, like this “Big Book of Karate—Best Issue Yet,” came into existence entirely to spotlight him.

Just reading the Table of Contents shows the strands of modernity beginning to entangle themselves to create the Blade Runner street market culture that is even now rolling itself out with steamed buns at midnight.



This  Chop Suey prose  created its own special genre; not the sword-wielder of the novels, nor the tough guy of western Eastwoods.

from “The Yin and Yang of Combat Self  Defense!”

Now maybe all in the group were together with ‘Sam’ when the attack on you began. But when they saw what you were capable of doing in the way of punishing retaliation, when you jumped just one of the attacking party and totally demolished him, the rest of the group will say “Sour grapes” and leave you alone…”

from “Was Bruce Lee Murdered?”

The letter was from an agent stationed in Hong Kong to the director of this intelligence agency. It said that the enclosed package contained a complete file report into the possibility that Martial Arts expert Bruce Lee may have been murdered!

from “What is Kung Fu?

Q: Oh, I know something about that. Someone was talking to me just last week about Kung Fu and Karate and…well, one other of those things. You know, telling me the difference. Let’s see now… they’re all arts of self defense; one has to do with…oh, gosh, I just can’t remember. But anyway, they’re ways to protect yourself in alleys and stuff. “

B: What does Kung Fu mean to you?”

A: That’s easy,. David Carradine, Man, he’s really something. He could come over and throw me around any time he wants to.”


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One Response to “Where is Bruce?”

  1. Thomas Kiefer says:

    A very respectable, well-written, engrossing biography of Bruce Lee was published last year: “Bruce Lee–A Life” by Matthew Polly (Simon & Schuster, 2018). It is about as flim-flam-free as possible. One of the astounding discoveries I found in this book was the degree of racism against those of Chinese ethnicity on the west coast. I had no idea. Bruce was able to overcome that as well!

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