Vince Black on Li Zi Ming’s Bagua Zhang

pa kua chang journalOne of our favorite items at Plum is the Pa Kua Chang Journal CD, containing the entire 38-issue run of more than 1,000 pages. The original journal, published by Dan Miller, is a treasure for the martial and Bagua community. In many cases entire issues are devoted to a single topic, and contain interviews with and articles by some of the great teachers, including Sun Lu Tang, Li Zi Ming, Tim Cartmell, Adam Hsu, Xie Pei Ji, George Xu, and so many more. The full run of the PKJ covers major topics, instructor profiles, training tips and historical scholarship. These focused articles, were and remain a great impulse to Bagua studies throughout the English speaking martial world; in many ways, it was ahead of its time.

That said, we are happy to announce acquiring permission to display occasional selections from this weighty work. We start with this article below, from Volume Five, Issue One, which is devoted to Li Zi Ming.

This first entry is particularly timely in two ways: first, its author, the renowned teacher Vince Black, passed away in February. Second, Liang Zhen Pu Eight Trigram Palms, one of Bagua’s famous texts edited by Li Zi Ming (Liang Zhen Pu’s student) and compiled by Vince Black, has been out of print for quite a while, but Plum is in the process of bringing it back. We hope to see it mid-May.

For those interested in the whole run of the Journal, click here. For those waiting for Liang Zhen Pu’s return, watch this space!

Click link below to load pdf article.

Pa Kua Journal Li Zi Ming

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