The Road to Tan Tui (Redux)

Tan Tui 12 Road #5 Spring Leg Kung FuA long while back, we created and posted a free series of video tutorials on the famous 12 Road Tan Tui; the series is made up of 14 videos which include step-by-step instruction PLUS applications for each road. 

For years, this has been popular on our site, but when we recently reviewed it we were a bit horrified at the sound/picture quality—we did film it 9 years and several good cameras ago, after all.

We have done some quick repair to the sound and color and re-announce it here. It still has that vintage look, but the information itself (in our opinion) is worth getting past the inconsistent lighting, sound and questionable haircut.

Enjoy! Below is the playlist for the whole series. If you want to go directly to individual roads, click Youtube button, lower right on player (once playing).