Teach Your Students Well

sifu adam hsuAs we previously mentioned, we are working on the production of Sifu Adam Hsu’s newest book in English—we hope to have it out by mid-year.

Since Hsu Shifu is in Taipei and we are in California, a lot of our communication over the fine details happens through email, so we were particularly happy to get a nice long voice recording from him last week, talking a good deal about his motivations  for this volume in the first place—that is, an ever-increasing concern over the current state of martial study and practice. Hsu has spent the better part of his long martial career on this very subject, what constitutes authentic, traditional practice, and how to keep real martial arts healthy and adaptable in the future.

What inspires this short post, though, came partway through the recording; it was his imperative, his plea to just teach our students the basics, teach our students well.

We remain inspired to do just that, at our studio and on Plum.

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One Response to “Teach Your Students Well”

  1. Yaphett Pruitt says:

    This has me excited. Like I’m about to open a new printing of Inside Kung-fu magazine, can’t wait!