Q&A: The Yoke Punch in Tan Tui: North and South

Q: I’d like to ask why is there a different alignment of the arms with the Yoke punch as demonstrated in the Tan Tui 12 Road and the 10 Road forms respectfully?

In the 10 Road video Sifu gives specific details about the arm alignment (90° in one instance and 135°? In another instance… depending on which arm is punching) but in the 12 Road presentation the arms are effectively in alignment pointing forward and back.

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A: Great question! As a matter of fact, it inspired us to videotape our answer for all of you, which you can see below.

At Plum, we represent many different versions of Tan Tui, a Muslim Kung Fu gift to both Northern and Southern styles. Below are links to just a few of our favorite Tan Tui presentations. Enjoy!

12 Road Tan Tui Video Tutorial (this is a free, full-length series on this Southern form, including applications)

10 Road Tan Tui DVD (Ted Mancuso)

Tan Tui: 4 Disk DVD set (Adam Hsu)

3 Steps of Tan Tui: DVD (Adam Hsu)

Cha Style Kung Fu 10 Road Tan Tui VCD (Liu Hong-Chi)

Tan Tui: Gateway to Kung Fu Book/DVD (Jason Tsou)

Coiling Dragon 12 Road Tan Tui VCD (Sun Xiang)

Gansu Style Tan Tui VCD (Zhou Jian Rui)


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