System, Not Style

di guoyong on xingyiquanWe are pleased to offer this presentation—long overdue by us—of Di Guoyong on Xingyiquan, Sifu Di’s systematic explanation of that deeply loved and appreciated style, Xing Yi Quan.

Contained in these three volumes is a full roster of forms along with comprehensive descriptions, from  basics all the way to weapons forms and partner practice. We have represented Di Sifu’s Xing Yi VCDs and DVDs for years, and find these books complement with principles, thoughts and even personal asides, sturdy companions to the videos themselves.

Many practitioners show good familiarity with Five Element Boxing, but we have only seen a few take such a direct and clear approach to the Art as a system. We are impressed, not only with the material itself, but also with Sifu Andrea Falk’s excellent translation of the Chinese (which is also included) into English. (Watch this space for the announcement of Sifu Falk’s new and expanded edition of her Wushu dictionary.)