Sifu Hamby’s 4th Gathering: Expertise & Camaraderie, Side by Side

Once again, Sifu Don Hamby has indeed “gathered the masters” in the 4th exhibition of long-studied and highly trained lovers of Chinese martial arts. Watching the skills displayed we are reminded of the power and beauty in this vast art.

This well-attended showcase in Monterey Park (Los Angeles), sponsored by the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation, offered top level teachers displaying a rainbow of styles, a few of which are Hung Gar’s dynamic and powerful forms, Bagua’s Sleeve Knives, Hakka Boxing, a staff set from Pigua, Internal Training showing advanced folding and unfolding, the most famous Yang Tai Chi sword. The audience was treated to not only Chinese forms, but a re-enactment of Praying Mantis’ origin, the Indonesian Art of Pencak Silat, a mixture of Escrima and Wing Chun, Kung Fu weapons, martial applications from different styles and more. We also enjoyed a performance of a “hard Qigong” rarely seen, by Vincent Yu, displaying excellent power and body control.

We would be remiss in not also saluting, alongside the inspiring demonstrations, the incomparable attitudes of friendship and support this Gathering exudes; certainly, one must bow first to Sifu Hamby for imbuing every moment with grateful and gracious acknowledgement; but all of the participants—whether performers or audience members—displayed authentic enthusiasm for their own styles as well as others’. The spirit of competition was overwhelmed by the spirit of cooperation.

As this event grows, we look forward to seeing an even greater audience and longer roster of traditional participants.

If you have only attended tournaments, or never spent an afternoon watching teachers and senior students share their arts, do yourself a favor and circle the date for the 5th Annual Gathering next year. It can never be too early to anticipate a Gathering like this.

And please enjoy a video we made of many of the performances.


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