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Plum may cast a big shadow in the number of products we represent (almost 4000), the articles and tutorials we write (about 1500, and counting), the videos we produce and share here and on our youtube channel …But as many of you know, there are only really three people operating the lights: Ted Mancuso, Linda Darrigo and Debbie Shayne. That’s it. Which means that we are usually stretched (and not in a good way) when we want to incorporate things like out-facing expansions or structural changes (we’re working on a massive project to convert our site to something more searchable, for example).

This is one of the main reasons it took us so long to start a facebook page. Another thing to monitor?  Where would those hours come from, where would we find the time? Close friends nudged and nagged and made fun of us until we finally dipped our toes into the pond and found it to be…not so bad! Even, do-able.

So, drumroll, please: Plum now has a Facebook presence, and we would love to meet up with you there, as well as on Plum. Facebook  allows us to drop occasional coupons and discounts there, in addition to sharing material from others (and we are conscientious curators, so you don’t need to worry about seeing lots of junk). You’ll even be able to keep up with new postings to kaimen, youtube videos, etc.

We hope you’ll visit us on Facebook and, if you have a facebook account, we encourage you to like and follow us. And who knows? There might just be a coupon waiting for you already!

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