New Arrivals: Tai Chi Staff, Shaolin Fists

Trying to keep up with the tower of material stacked high here at Plum, waiting to be catalogued and madeTai Chi Staff available to you!

Today’s newest additions start off with the Yang Tai Chi 68 Staff DVD (2 parts) demonstrated by the popular Jiang Jiang Ye. This 68 move form is one of the longest sets we’ve ever seen, especially considering the low percentage of repeat movements.

The other welcome newcomers are in our ever-increasing series of en face (dual language—English/Chinese) books, each with a companion VCD (also in Chinese with English subtitles). This series offers nice color photo breakdowns with dual-language instruction, and then the VCD, with demo and instruction. For those of you learning to read Chinese, this is a great learning aid.

The first of these is the famous Shaolin Small Red Boxing (Xiao Hong Quan). This short and easily learned (we said easily learned, not perfected) tao lu shows the handed-down postures and actions of this strong and definite Middle Boxing. This is an example of the core forms of Shaolin.

The next book/vcd presentation teaches a Shaolin Baji Quan form. Over time, Shaolin has married many styles with its own system—Baji, Pigua, Tong Bei, Mantis—archiving the deeper reserves of each style to include its forms, herbals, fighting and Qigong.