More, and Then Some

Continuing our summer of great titles, here are three new classics, the last, Shaolin Luo Han, being dual language (Chinese and English) and accompanied by a dual language VCD. These “en face” (two languages, face-to-face ) titles are scattered all over our site, giving practitioners additional opportunities to pick up a few Chinese terms by having side-by-side text.

Kun Wu Sword Record

Tai Tzu Quan Kung Fu

Shun Wu Tang Tai Tzu Luo Han Boxing

Shaolin Luo Han 13 Form












By the way, we neglected to mention a couple of weeks ago, when we announced that new Wu-Hao Style Tai Chi book, that we also represent Sifu Zhai’s material in our VCD section, here. Read the book, see him teach and move. What a treasure.

For those who have never entered the VCD section of our garden, there are great riches among these inexpensive videos (most priced around $8 for an hour’s instruction).They were some of Plum’s first finds, and we still consider them to be some of the best things we represent.