Jiang Rongqiao’s Bagua Zhang—Now in English AND Chinese

Jiang RongQiao BaguazhangAndrea Falk is doing wonderful translations.

Actually, she has been doing wonderful translations for a long time, but now she is going back, revising and improving on some of her earlier works to make them even better. We are still awaiting the massive expansion and rewrite of her earlier Wushu dictionary (this one promises to be almost double in size) which, she tells us, should be available through Plum shortly.

In the meantime, we have just received her new edition of Jiang Rong Qiao’s Baguazhang, and the delight is that she has added the original Chinese text. For those studying or even fluent in Chinese, this encourages and assists in understanding not only the original text, but also how a master translator works.

Look forward, in the near future, to her dictionary, as well as her three-volume translation of Di Guo Young’s texts on Xing Yi (we have a couple of those sets in stock now, and are awaiting more. If you would like a set, CLICK HERE).