Iron Palm, Through the Back, To the Mind

Tong Bei Quan

ShanXi Hong Dong Tong Bei Quan

Iron Palm

Iron Sand Palm Secrets

Complete Chinese Martial Arts

Authentic Chinese Wushu Complete

We’ve been so busy that we’ve neglected the great stack of Chinese books we are slowly adding to our collection. Even though in modern format, many of these books detail early styles and histories of this ancient art.

Today’s entries include a book and DVD combination on ShanXi Tong Bei (through-the-back) boxing, a truly long-arm style that is a cousin to Pigua Zhang.

Next up is a curious compendium of material gathered from other books on Iron Palm training. Some collectible photos, although no awards for crystal clarity here. Still, an opportunity to see and compare perspectives from different teachers and masters. (Only get a few copies of this one in our last order, may go quickly).

Finally, we welcome back a tome that appears then disappears too quickly. We have represented at least three different versions of Professor Kang Ge Wu’s masterful compilation on all things Wushu, from ancient adages to basic training and stances. Just lifting this 770 page hardcover requires some strength training (most likely detailed inside)! This cloth-bound edition is one of the nicest versions we have seen so far.

As always, click the images for more information, and to purchase.

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