A Chen Routine by Chen Zheng Lei

Master Chen Zheng Lei was in our area, co-sponsored by our favorite Chinese martial arts magazine, and they generously posted this 5 1/2 minute piece of performance—a beautiful and meaningful demonstration.

This comes just in time (almost) for our announcement of a new recommendable biography of Chen that will come in next week to Plum. We’ll keep you posted on its arrival and availability.

In the meantime, enjoy the clip below. I’m also including links to the wide range of material Plum currently represents from Chen Sifu.

Chen Zheng Lei’s 5 part book series (translated into English by the estimable Sifu Jack Yan)

Chen Zheng Lei’s Instructional DVDs (in Chinese/English subtitles)

Chen Zheng Lei’s Instructional VCDs (in Chinese)

Chen Zheng Lei’s 6 part DVD series on Tai Chi theory and principles (in Chinese/English subtitles)