Andrea Falk’s Masterful Martial Arts Dictionary: UPDATED, Hardcovers have arrived!

falk's martial arts dictionary10/2/19:
The Hardcover editions have arrived and they are big and beautiful.

Two good things: There is a price drop down to $80, AND we are extending the 10% discount for the hardcovers purchased through October 31. Discount code is DictHC

Limited supply at the moment, but we will get more.

Yeah! The Dictionaries have arrived and they are beautful. We have received the compact and the deluxe paperback editions; the hardcover is still to come.

Just a quick announcement: the revised edition of Andrea Falk’s Chinese-English Martial Arts Dictionary will be here soon! We have been anticipating this invaluable work for a long while. It is on its way (we expect it within the next two weeks).

“This Chinese-English Dictionary is massive, with countless words and phrases used by the internal and external martial arts of China to describe training, techniques, theory, forms, sparring, methods, wrestling and qinna. And words that always pop up when you are reading about martial arts, like TCM terms, anatomical terms, historical and literary names, dynasties – the list is endless. Most martial techniques and names cannot be found in a regular dictionary – and if the characters are there, they have a different meaning from that used in the martial arts. With three indices, ordered by the pinyin transliteration, radical index, and stroke order index, and a fair bit of cross referencing, you should be able to find what you need.”

Dictionary displays pinyin terms, Chinese characters and English definitions.

2 Responses to “Andrea Falk’s Masterful Martial Arts Dictionary: UPDATED, Hardcovers have arrived!”

  1. Jarek Szymanski says:

    Jarek Szymanski comments: “The most complete and detailed dictionary of the terms unique to Chinese MA, not to be found in any publication released before.”

  2. Rich Mooney says:

    Kudos to Ms Falk! & y’all for carrying it!


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