Wing Lam Passes: April 25 2018

kwong wing lam Sifu Kwong Wing Lam passed away today from kidney failure following a period of illness. His study, beginning at age 8, brought him instruction from top notch practitioners such as Sifu Yang Shang Wu and Zhao Jiao.

Training with him for more than a decade, I recognized a teacher truly concerned for his art. His martial background was exceptional, and his practice was unfailing. He was, without a doubt, one of the most faithful and dedicated of all the practitioners I have ever met. His attitude was strong and clear, a physical, moving inspiration to his students in Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin, Hung Gar and other satellite fields. His was one of the first video courses of good quality and wide range, expanding the extended membership of these arts.

His martial interest took him down many paths. Convinced that Kung Fu weapons were too light and flimsy he started reconditioning and re-designing traditional weapons to the point of making an arsenal of superb and highly sought after instruments.

His fidelity to Kung Fu itself, minus politics or gossip, created a safe space in which students could practice and improve.

The pictures, conversations, teaching and inspiration he left behind cannot help but remain for years to come.

Goodbye, Sifu.

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  1. Ken Y says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Sifu Wing Lam gave me my first taste of Chinese martial arts when I trained at his Sunnyvale school for a couple of years almost two decades ago. It’s been many many years since I’ve practiced the few Northern Shaolin forms I learned there, but I do remember what he said about the Secret to Kung Fu ™: practice. RIP, Sifu.

  2. Elliott Monds says:


  3. Peter Zoll says:

    Best I ever saw – bar none

  4. Don Lee says:

    Sifu Kwong Wing Lam’s services are Saturday May 5th for Taoist Ceremony 3-7 PM
    Sunday May 6th 2018 Services 9-noon, Burial 12:30
    call or email for more information:
    Don Lee ~ Please forward to other students.
    I can forward details of services:
    Thank you Sifu for all you have done for me.

  5. Yaphett Pruitt says:

    On “Wing Lam Passes”, I wanted to say that he was a grounding for me to the traditional roots of CMA that I love in spite of current affairs with any and all forms of violence culminating in MMA.
    I fully lament Master Lam’s passing, and condolence to to his immediate and extended (martial arts) family.

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