Four Books, Five Elements: Tong Bi With a Dash of Qigong

tong biAnnouncing FOUR new books in our Traditional Chinese Section!

The first three display an abundance of riches; all are on Wu Xing Tong Bi, or Five Elements Through the Arm Boxing, a style of ancient moves and modern popularity. Like Bajiquan, attention to this style is growing rapidly. Distinctive, fast, elegant and powerful, Tong Bi utilizes one of Kung Fu’s major principles—connected limbs and torso acting as one. Though many moves look loose and “whippy,” there is great power here. These three represent a cross-section of Wu Xing Tong Bi’s special basics and forms.

We’re also excited about a new book on Qigong routines pared down to short, effective exercises for the average person; all created by the master teacher Wang Pei Sheng.

Click the images for more information, and to purchase.

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