Tutorial: Tai Chi Tips, Stepping

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes at Plum, you know how highly we prize basics as the foundation of good movement. ‘Stepping’ in Tai Chi, is one of those fundamentals that you might learn on the first day of class, and which you might be refining well into your advanced practice.

We prepared a short, 3-part tutorial with Tai Chi tips on just this subject, with a special section for those players who may need to compensate as a result of injury or physical limitation. It’s not just getting older that affects our stride—Debbie’s 5 month recovery from a fractured tibia is testament to that. Tai Chi, as an aid in that recovery, had to be modified to her condition, and the first step was in the stepping.

For those just starting, you might find a few Tai Chi tips to set you on the path; for those already knowledgeable, maybe a reminder or two to keep you there.


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