Randy’s Back and Plum Has Got Him

randy williams wing chunFor many years, Plum has represented the entire line of Randy Williams DVDs. But over the last year, some titles became scarce or went out of print.

Good news! We are once again stocked on the ever-effervescent Sifu Williams and his valuable commentary and instruction on Wing Chun. We have glowed over the years about Sifu Williams’ techniques, not to mention the engaging way he presents his information, so no need to go there again. But YOU can now gorandy williams wing chun to the two pages we devote to his work and pick up some DVDs that are on your want list, or that just pique your interest.

And that’s not all! We have also dropped the price on ALL of his DVDs, from $29.95 to $24.95, while still maintaining the 10% discount for buying two or more from his series.

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