Play Ball! No, Really, It’s Good for Your Martial Practice

martial ball exercisesIf I’ve learned anything in my martial career it is that knowledge never walks in a straight line; while wandering through a labryinth, things like to leap out from behind the next hedge.

We just acquired a new text, Ball Playing for Health, Illustrated (Nongwan Chienshen Tushu), a partial inspiration for Caylor Adkins text on martial structure. Even as Adkins focuses on several approaches, the martial ball exercises he discusses stand out in a box full of methods and practices. He tells us that he developed many of his ball exercises from this old Taiwanese book from the 20’s or 30’s, designed to improve health.

The old text looked classic–containing many early records of these movements–with directional line drawings that resembled a man playing with a laser light in the dark.

We did some research, hunted around, and found that a reprint of this original book exists so, of course, we had to have it. And here it is: Ball Playing for Health, Illustrated. Click on the image in the selling page, to see a few snap shots of what might as well be an astronomical display of juggling.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I have been considering adding ball play into my teaching for my special needs students to encourage linked hand movements. I was actually going to include it in class last night but we ran out of time. But on deeper consideration, everyone could benefit from it, including me!

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