What’s Old is New: 3 Traditional DVDs

Despite the fact that Plum has built a catalogue containing almost ma shen wu4000 books, dvds and vcds (!) we are actually quite picky about our products. We review a lot of material, choosing only what we believe will add to the martial conversation. So imagine how pleased we are when we are able to offer three new additions from the same series. Ma Shen Wu

These new DVDs all derive from some of the surveys conducted during the 70’s in China, a time before the contemporary wushu wave washed over the traditional. The first two present a teacher whose performance awed many of us when we first saw him, Ma Shen ma shen wuWu. His lithe, expressive performances always thrilled; these two new DVDs–an Arhat routine containing a catalogue of twisting movements; and a wonderful Traveller’s staff set with unusual legs–are great examples of his abilities as both a traditional and tong beimaster performer.

Finally, a fast Tong Bei routine from Sifu XuKuiSheng. This is quite a long set with great variation, and fast ‘tangling’ hands.

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