Two Times Three, But Who’s Counting?

kung fu booksOur offering today centers around “two”—a triplet of Chinese texts each with a special relationship to the number. 

The first of these is a text recommended by Adam Hsu, on the rare “Wild Goose” saber, a cross between a saber and a straight sword. This unusual weapon balances perfectly the special features of both types of blades.


Next comes one of the best two-person sword sets ever created: the San Cai Sword. This famous form can be practiced individually or with a partner. As single set it covers most of the actual strokes associated with this weapon. When two people square off—and this is a rare thing—the movements are actually those of two people fencing. Among other things this allows rehearsal of a very different but universally applicable flavor—intercepting with an unusual defense., a fun item. This is a copy of Gung Ji Fuk Fu, the prime set for the Hung system. But this version takes the normally illustrated single practice and adds to each page a drawing of the formerly absent opponent and his actions. All of the drawings for the “other side” show the opponent getting his come-uppance…and then some. 

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