Some Long-Awaited Restocks

It’s been a few months since we have been fully stocked on our “En Face Books” (the books in this series have English text ‘facing’ Chinese text). They are among our customer favorites, because they have so much to offer: A book and accompanying VCD showing complete routines in both Chinese and English. What more could you ask for?

The ever-popular titles shown below are now available again–as a matter of fact, the entire series is in stock as of this posting. They are scattered around the site, relative to their styles, so you can find them when you are checking out your favorite sections.

An even easier way to find them all is to check out our comprehensive list HERE, which is worth visiting on the off-chance you missed any of these great titles first time around. Enjoy!


kung fu books


kung fu books

Fan Zi

kung fu books

Wu Song

kung fu books

Tai Yi

kung fu book

Tong Bei

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