Look Who’s Back!

Just a quick note to let you know that three books have returned to Plum. The first two–Paul Eng’s Kung Fu Basics, and Brian Kennedy’s Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals–can be found in our wildly popular (and ever-changing) “hurt books” section, where you can pick up some real gems in near new condition for whopping discounts (most between 40-50% off the retail price). We sometimes run out quickly, but when they’re available they’re a true bargain. (See below for our most recent customer feedback concerning these titles).

Of course, the Shaolin 10 Animal Form is a classic text for Southern Kung Fu. These old Hong Kong books are becoming harder and harder to find in print; a number of them have disappeared, but when we find them we grab them for our Plum customers. Just so happy to see this one return.

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kung fu books








(about Plum’s hurt books) “Everything arrived in great condition. Your hurt books are in better shape than most regular books. Also, great job packing the order, with the cardboard. I usually don’t leave feedback or comments, but everything far exceeded my expectations.”

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