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george xu china's living treasuresWe got an email from a kind customer, who wanted to alert us to the fact that a link he was clicking did not bring up the intended information. After a few minutes’ investigation, I would say he was putting it mildly: we had provided clips—many clips!—for each of the DVDs in China’s Living Treasures series and, with only a few exceptions, not one of them worked.


Access to the free clips are now (fingers-crossed) fixed, as well as some other inconsistencies between the two pages where most of these videos appear. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, they are produced by Vincent Lynch, and represent a nice serving of the cream of traditional martial arts teachers, most notably, George Xu, Yu Hua Long, Wang Hao Da, and others. They are seriously made DVDs with straightforward instruction and now, should you want to see clips of the material, you can go straight away and do so. This is the page for the complete collection at Plum

I mention this for two reasons: one, is that you can once again get a glimpse of some fine teaching and superb martial artists.

The second reason relates to the title of this post: if you see something on Plum that does not work, please let us know! Chances are, you are not the first to stub your toe on the problem. While we continue  our behind-the-scenes revamping of the site, we are committed to making this present version work until its last day.

So don’t be a stranger and let us hear from you!

(And here’s something we KNOW does not work as it should: the built-in WordPressComments Form. So use this one below to get the message to us.)

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