New Bak Sil Lum (Bei Shaolin) DVDs

Bak Sil LumBak Sil Lum (or Bak Siu Lim) is the Cantonese pronunciation of Bei Shaolin, or Northern Shaolin style. It is recognized by experts as an extension of the real Shaolin Heritage. Its most famous exponent was Gu Ru Zhang, known as a master of Iron Palm (striking arts) and Golden Bell (body conditioning arts).

In the US, there are at least two main branches of Bak Sil Lum: those through Wing Lam, and those through Wong Jack Man. We have happily just added a slew of new DVDs in the Wong Jack Man lineage, represented here by Scott Jensen, a direct disciple. (We also represent books in this lineage by Rick Wing).

Find Scott Jensen’s DVDs on Plum Blossom Fist, Lian Bu Quan, Duan Da, and more….right here!