Wubeizhi Koujue Translation

wubeizhiFor those scholars out there, working with and admiring the General Tian’s Wubeizhi that we introduced just at the end of last year, we got this exciting email today from the co-author, David Nisan. He writes:

I send today a short discussion on the General Tian Wubeizhi’s illustrated section and a partial translation of the illustrated section’s fighting koujue. I intend to translate all the koujue of that section as an additional service to those who purchased the book. The piece I send today is just the first instalment.

…I will greatly appreciate if you would post it on your website too.

…When it comes to the General Tian Wubeizhi I am a co-author. I say this because I want to emphasize that the English edition of The General Tian Wubeizhi is not simply a translation of the Chinese version but an entirely different book; it is meant to address questions which are of particular interest (and concern) to Westerners.  

Click the “Read More” link to see the 7 page pdf. This is something very special.

Click to access The-Secret-Instructions-of-the-Bubishi-School-of-Martial-Arts-333.pdf

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