Six Harmony Praying Mantis: That Was Then, This Is Now

Six Harmony Praying Mantis BoxingTHEN: Several years ago, Plum contacted Sifu Jian Gao, disciple of grandmaster Ma Han Qing, to represent his excellent DVD on Liu He Tang Lang. There is not very much information on this system (as those who practice it can attest). So we were happy to be able to add to our collection. Only one problem though: Sifu Jian lives in Australia, where DVDs are in PAL format. For those with the right equipment, it wasn’t a problem, but for the rest…

NOW: Plum has retained the rights to convert and distribute the NTSC version of Sifu Jian’s Six Harmony Praying Mantis DVD and, after a too-long wait, we have copies available HERE. Yes! And even more: in a few weeks we will have a new DVD from Sifu Jian on Duan Chui.

We never give up acquiring or publishing great material, whether it’s new, or rescued and returning for a second time. We can’t guarantee success every time, but we can guarantee we’ll do our best to bring the best to you.

(By the way, for those still wanting the PAL version, we still have copies available, at a 20% discount).

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