QiGong and Healthy Eyes

Qigong for the Eyes

Ma XuZhou ‘Qigong for the Eyes’ DVDs  aimed at health and improved eye sight.

Teacher Ma XuZhou begins this DVD training series with an in-depth discussion on the origin and diagnosis of eye problems from the standpoint of a Chinese Medical practitioner. All methods are related to opening and controlling meridians (an energetic network in the body) and you do not have to know these precisely. The eyes are massaged gently with counting and vocalizations. Her instructions are explicit and well phrased. If you know a little about Chinese medicine, you will find a lot of instruction here; it is modular, and that’s a help. Additionally, Ma Sifu covers other health considerations, such as foundational Qigong, and “middle-aged exercises” in the rest of the DVD series.

The benefit of some of these specialty Qigongs–Ma XuZhou’s eye routine, or Wu style Tai Chi from a wheel chair, or some of the Taoist series such as Feces Exercise–is that they offer self-taught methods. Of course, these carry no guarantees. But QiGong itself is receiving more validation as a general system for self-care and health care. As a John Hopkins researcher in Chinese methods once told me, “There is something real there.” 

All this adds up to a series of Qigong routines spread over 6 DVDs with detailed instructions and, in the first few, a major emphasis on eye health.

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