The Passing of Porf Jou (Jou Po Fu)

porf jou It is with great sadness that we belatedly report the passing of Shifu Porf Jou, who died back in October.

Jou Shifu was well-known in at least two areas: as a martial artist and teacher, and also as a  writer. From a martial perspective, his training was traditional, but he brought an original eye and unique interpretation to his performance.

He will be missed by us here at Plum, as well as by the greater martial community. We are grateful that his work will live on in his DVDs and, most importantly, in his students.

6 Responses to “The Passing of Porf Jou (Jou Po Fu)”

  1. chan wei han says:

    Greetings. I am a mantis practitioner here in austin tx. Every year or two i travel back to taiwan to meet family. Is there a school availabe to train mantis with Sifu Jou Po Fu students?

    Thank you

  2. Jeff says:

    Oh no! He was one of my favorites. Such a vital teacher. The world is lessened by his passing.

  3. Plum Staff says:

    At this time we have no information as to what Jou Shifu’s students have in place. If we hear more, we will let you know.

  4. Mohammed says:

    I’m very sad about that. He was one of my favorite on the Net. He was an encyclopedia of Kung-fu. I hope that his students will continue his teaching and heritage.

  5. Jerry says:

    Its very Sad, but I feel lucky that I was able to benefit from Sifu Porf Jou’s teachings through is video’s. Although I did not know him personally, I feel blessed that I was able to find him and his teachings.
    RIP Peace.

  6. Karl Vogt says:

    I would like to pay tribute to this scholar/warrior. Let us hope his legacy will be taken forward to enrich the skill and knowledge of others.

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