Three Long Arm Styles: BGZ, MZY and LHTL

Kung Fu Books

LiuHe TangLang

As the legend goes, one of the authors in our three new offerings is the only person to have come out on top when sparring with the famous Taiwanese instructor, Liu Yun Chiao. Do you know which one?

Kung Fu Books

Mizong Quan

First, we add a rare addition to the legacy of Praying Mantis texts by Zhang Xiang San (a tongue-twister for most westerners). This book shows a key form from the LiuHe TangLang (Six Harmonies Praying Mantis) style.

Next, we feature a new edition of a book on Mizong Quan by Jiang Rong Qiao, famous for his “New Bagua” style. We’ve had this text before, in one of Joseph Crandall’s English translations. MiZong Quan, or Lost Track Boxing,  could properly be called a style with internal and external skills combined. MiZong is a huge style with many forms and fighting techniques. This new edition is in traditional Chinese characters.

Kung Fu BooksFor an English language offering we have a full-color exposition of the Bagua Zhang style developed by Chen Pan Ling, a notable figure in 20th century martial studies. This text shows forms and applications of Chen’s Bagua represented by his son (Chen Yun Ching) and his top instructor, (James Sumarac). All eight Palm Changes are covered, along with some basic applications.

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  1. Rich Mooney says:

    I just received my copy of KB027 BaGua Zhang
    Swimming Dragon Eight Trigram Palms By Chen Yun Ching, with James Sumarac. To say I am pleased is an understatement. The volume is an excellent Homage to Chen Pan Ling, and his Swimming Dragon form. The layout is easy to follow, and the form is an easy one to train. I also have the DVD covering the same form, as done by his son, and I was not let down. I highly recommend the book to any BGZ aficionado.
    Thank You Plumpub, for having this volume available!

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