Caylor Adkin’s Iron Ball, Wooden Staff, Empty Hands Training

kung fu iron ball Caylor Adkins is a well-known instructor, recognized even outside his art of Shotokan. His contribution, “Iron Ball, Wooden Staff, Empty Hands: Understanding Structure, Flow and Maneuver is Martial Arts,” is a well laid-out book of methods utilizing these traditionally used kung fu training aides.

More and more we see cross-training and instrument exercise as important contributions from the martial arts to normal exercise methods for health, not to mention special methods for improved martial skills. With just these three instruments he introduces his own research of 50 years, including numerous resources which he has assimilated in his dedicated and long study.

In a related note, and, coming soon, is a long out-of-print Chinese text on Iron Ball Training Exercises (referenced by Adkins in his book) by Lu Wen Wei. Stay tuned for this and more!

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