A Little Bit of Hakka Boxing, A Few More Restocks

Hakka Unicorn Boxing DVD
by Tyler R. Rea

hakka boxingHakka Boxing style Kei Lun Kune (Unicorn Boxing) is a famous form not only in Chinese Kung Fu, but also in boxing styles from other countries, such as Malaysia. This DVD offers a rare presentation of this form, aided by some innovative breakdowns and demonstrations. Every action is “do-able” but the transition of practice to mastery will take some time. A very straightforward, and relatively clear execution, with some quizzical points, especially in the Yee Sei Wooden Dummy segment.


Some Restocked Goodies

Always happy when we are able to restock our Chinese editions. Top-quality Chinese source material is becoming a little more difficult to find, and definitely harder to hold on to. We’ve got a slate of new arrivals, and some old friends, returning over the next few months; here are some of our favorites. Click images to go to their sale pages.

Yang Style Tai Chi True Narrative-ever popular

Feng Mo Staff:  Chinese/English with a VCD!

Xin Yi Fighting Secrets

Wow, Never thought we’d see Southern Mantis Fighting Forms again!

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