From Us to You

Happy New Year to all of our dear customers. We treasure and appreciate all of your correspondence, contributions, friendship and patronage. We would not be here without you.

In this last year we have taken some major steps in reducing the price of international shipping. In the coming year, we have big plans to further improve that system plus, if everything goes well, we will complete a major reformatting of our entire site to be more user friendly and, let’s face it, more 21st century. This should allow you better and faster access to our articles, products and tutorials. This has been a long time coming. Traditional martial arts does not require traditional technology.

We close out this year with a small gift, a performance by Sifu Linda Darrigo, Plum’s resident expert on Six Harmony Praying Mantis and a vital third of our company. We filmed her performance during a class in Taiwan.

We at Plum–Ted, Debbie and Linda–all send our warmest wishes to you and yours, for great peace, health and happiness in the New Year.

4 Responses to “From Us to You”

  1. Bob Figler says:

    Happy New Year to Debbie, Linda, and you – loved Linda’s demo – loved her since the time I saw her at our tournament here in Akron, Ohio – it’s freezing here in Cleveland/Akron/Canton but thank god I am from Pittsburgh – leave that one for the West coasters,to figure out LOL

  2. Happy New Year, appreciate the show of skill, I’ve never seen taizu style performed before, does it usually move slowly? Are the concepts similar to Taijiquan?
    There’s so much to the Kung-fu world that I don’t know, I should collect some of you guys’ appreciation show DVD’s.

  3. Plum Staff says:

    Hi Yaphett,
    Good to hear from you! Yes, it typically does, which is one reason people believe it is Tai Chi’s precursor.

  4. DavidFromDenver says:

    Great clip, very precise. How do you relate this execution with Porf Jou’s Taizu? He always seems always controlled uncontrollability “at the edges.” Do you start slow & pick up speed over practice time. Or are they two distinct takes?

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