Who’re You Calling Hurt?

Sale priced Chinese Martial Arts booksWe just refreshed our “Hurt” books section and, boy, do we have a great selection of sale-priced gems–there are about 40 of them!

As we’ve said in the past, the title “hurt” is a little misleading, since 99% of these are indistinguishable from new copies of the same title. “Hurts,” in the book industry, are books that stores return to the publisher due to overstocking. Publishers decided a long time back that it was cheaper to sell them to “hurt book dealers” than to examine each one before re-selling them. Their loss is our big gain, since these books are half the price and still looking pretty.

We hand-pick these books like we do every single item at Plum. Our goal is to offer not only the best of breed, but titles we believe are relevant and important for a good martial library. As always, stock is limited on these, so head on over to our hurts book page and see if something delights. We added a few titles not previously represented at this price, in Tai Chi, Bagua, and Taoism, plus the return of some favorites we always run out of.


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