Restocks of Rare Editions, North and South

You’ve proably seen our little “Want List” boxes throughout the site. And you may have also noticed that some of them stay in the “not available” state for months without being taken down. Are we really trying to torture people? No, it’s just that hope springs eternal.

For instance here are two products we thought we would never see again: The Five Family Fist of Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong’s Grandson SeMing Ma, and the Triple Sticks Preying Mantis of Won Hung Fun. As items like these continue to creep toward oblivion we will keep drawing them back.

Ark Yuey Wong and Wong Han FunArk Yuey Wong and Wong Han FunA little context: Ark Yuey Wong was probably the first person in North America to open a Kung Fu school teaching non-Chinese, that was long before WWII. Wong Hun Fun was a main organizer of Northern Mantis and this is the only triple-stick in that style I have ever seen.

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