Practical Qin Na: Second volume arrives

Qin Na Kung FuWe’ve just received the second volume in Zhao Da Yuan’s big series on Qin Na (Chin Na).

This new text reveals dead-hand training, live-hand loops, counters, and even anti-weapon work. An entire curriculum on Qin Na; not just a few moves as so many others do it. This valuable multi-volume set is projected for at least one more book.

Balancing this with  Tim Cartmell’s older version, and our extensive notes on the comparison between the two new translations, coupled with the in-depth reviews of all three, our product notes will help expand your knowledge of this essential part of Kung Fu fight training.

Take a look and see for yourself.

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  1. AA says:

    I wanted to tell you how the Qinna book by Zhao Da-yuan has been astonishing and lovely. It is one of, if not the very best, book on content and minutiae for the subject that I have ever seen in my life. It gets the very highest rating from me

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