Practical Qin Na: An Expanded Version of Zhao’s Reputable Text

KP032mHere at Plum we hold a special place in our hearts for Chin Na (Qin Na) and its exceptional methods of practical usage that can be applied in any style. Although there are several worthy texts on the subject, the one we have always recommended above all others is Tim Cartmell’s translation of Practical Chin Na, by Zhao Da Yuan. Clear, clean, accessible, it is a Chin Na practitioner’s bible.

So we were well-surprised by a new version of Zhao’s book, this translation directed by notable martial artist and acupuncturist Tom Bisio. At first we were frankly unclear on what a new version of the same book might offer, but we were pleased to find that–although there are many similarities–there are also many differences (for more on these, see the detailed selling page for a comparison.)

Bisio’s version includes not all, but a good deal of what is found in Cartmell’s version, along with additional translations of documents known as the Qin Na Nine Heaven Secret Text, as well as sections on equipment, qigong, and decoding. A little more than 50% larger than Cartmell’s, it is only the first volume in a proposed 3 volume series.

These are the types of accomplishments we really like to see at Plum: important contributions to the body of literature that, for many of us, enhance our practice of this great art of Kung Fu.

(Note: special Plum pricing on this book!)

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