Letter to the Editor: Partner Drills

Quite often, we receive emails from customers whose comments are worth a post of their own.

Dear Debbie,

I really appreciate that you send the orders so fast!  It helps me a lot!

You are providing a very important service bringing traditional Chinese Martial Arts to people.  I, for one, see that a resurgence in the martial arts will come from the rich tapestry of Chinese martial artists, as world practitioners study this and synthesize it with what they already know and what makes sense for their context. 

Partner DrillsIn particular, I feel that the partner drills are deeply significant.  They offer an alternative to the mean mma stuff, while bringing people together, sharing energy and engaging them in amazingly varied “games”, or “dances” that have the potential (if done with proper guidance) to develop the somatic skills of self-defense in a nearly subconscious way.  Outside of children’s games like “paddycake” and partner dance, there is no parallel to these partner practices of the Martial Arts. When combined with the Qigong Grand Circulation, concepts of Taiji, Heqi and self-defense, we can see that these partner practices, once held more secretly, now offer the world something amazingly unique, fun, interesting and PRACTICAL!

Thank You so much,


We couldn’t agree more!

And we sincerely encourage you to submit, through email or the weblog itself, comments or articles. Talk about what you are training, controversial topics, questions, observations, reports from tournaments. Plum was designed to be a garden where, among other things, traditional Chinese martial artists could gather after practice and compare notes, share stories, ask each other questions. So, speak up!

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  1. Yaphett says:

    I would love to see that happen! As surely as we all need to eat more vegetables, we need those practices to gain popularity. Absolutely love that vision.

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