Northern, Southern, Inside and Out

A few restocks for your reading pleasure–click images for more info

Hung Kuen Fundamentals: Gung Gee Fook Fu (English/Chinese)
This exceptional first volume of the Lam family Hung Kuen series is back in stock!

We cannot say enough good things about this beautiful and comprehensive treatment on Hung Gar Fundamentals. We are so pleased to be representing this fine text.

Chuo Jiao Compendium (Chinese)
Difficult to find good (any) information on Chuo Jiao, Kung Fu’s fine kicking and leg art. Just got this back in, in a new paperback edition. This book comes and goes too quickly…

Mind Intent Six Harmony Boxing (Chinese)
In our opinion, there can not be enough material issued by the world-famous George Xu. Here is his master manual on Liu He Xin Yi (and yes, you sharp-eyed customers: it is a new cover design.) Perfect companion to some of his DVDs of the same subject.

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