A Walk in the Young Forest: Northern Shaolin vol. 1

Young Forest, Traditional Skill Northern ShaolinThis is the first volume, by Sifu Wing Lam,  of a proposed series on Northern Shaolin containing history and development of the art. It outlines the shape of that branch associated with Iron Palm master Gu Ru Zhang. In the background section there are a lot of stories and facts about the temple and some famous teachers.

This book is like a tour, more than a lesson. It walks us past history, physical requirements, proper hand and leg action and more. Then we are shown excerpts from some famous hand and weapons forms including the complete name lists of these routines, general information on weapons play and descriptions of common errors.

Many records from the Shaolin Temple have been destroyed forever. Forms, herbal cures, historical events: all have been scattered by the storms of time. Reconstructing the history of this world-famous temple and its sister style is a task that will be around for decades to come. Books like this will help us, eventually, to tell the whole story.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Praying Mantis style

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    all this information is really important for all kung fu practitioners.

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