Martial Qigong: Just What the Sifu Ordered

GTFeb16ccAn announcement from our school in Santa Cruz, CA. If you are in the area and would like to attend, we would LOVE to see you!

Qigong is gaining in popularity, especially with martial enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, martial practitioners are often in the vanguard when exploring this ancient study.

Unfortunately Qigong, randomly picked, ignores the most fundamental tradition: that every martial style has its own special approach tailored to its mother system.

Academy Head Instructor, Ted Mancuso, will give a first-time-ever seminar using famous Chinese martial arts practices such as Tai Chi, Shaolin, Xing Yi, Bagua, PiGua and Baji to demonstrate, through example, the power of Qigong when it matches its style.

Qigong training is a kind of code and, once decoded, it can be applied to any martial practice with no deleterious effects. This seminar will not only show you some key martial qigong routines, but will also let you develop a Qigong for your own style, instead of “taking one off the rack.”

Martial experience not required, but suggested. This will benefit martial artists from ANY style.

Join us.

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