Mantis Exits the Cave: Sifu Paul Eng’s Last Book: NOW available

MEC_cover1Sifu Paul Eng died almost one year ago. He left behind thousands of students; an ongoing school in California; loved ones; a reputation for kindness; memories of his skill and patience as a martial artist and teacher; and a short list of books and a DVD that he had published, the most notable being 5 volumes on different forms in the Tai Mantis system. These 5 books are staples in the libraries of Praying Mantis stylists, highly regarded, a precious collection of instruction.

It is with a bit of humility that we at Plum announce the 6th volume in that series, Mantis Exits the Cave. We had talked with Sifu Eng about working with Plum, so we were especially pleased to be able to publish and represent this last book. Click the book to purchase.

And enjoy a short excerpt from our longer interview with this famous Sifu.



3 Responses to “Mantis Exits the Cave: Sifu Paul Eng’s Last Book: NOW available”

  1. Jeff says:

    Is this similar to White Ape Exits the Cave from Sifu Prof Jou?

  2. Hal Asbury says:

    I’ve always liked Sifu Paul Eng’s books. Each one depicts the form and gives at least some idea of the basic uses of the techniques. I was always able to take useful things from these books despite the fact that I’ve never studied the Mantis Fist. Many of the books, especially the earliest ones, also have some nuggets of martial lore in addition to the clear form presentation which have more to give than meets the eye. An excellent legacy to leave to us all. thanks for helping it get out there!

  3. Patrick says:

    Hi. No it isn’t. I learned this years ago.
    White Ape Out of the Cave has more Tung Bei influence. Mantis out of the cave is a different set. Hope this helps.

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