Li Deyin & 100 years of Taijiquan

Li Deyin shows his Taijiquan
One of the largest and most complete books on Yang style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) to come out of mainland.

Many teachers promote the “official” version of Taijiquan, but few with the consistent quality of Li DeYin. His movements are polished and clear. This book makes a distinction between personal practice forms for both empty hand and straight sword and forms constructed to use in competition.

This family commitment and multi-generational artistry bring us a 400+ page book, a good DVD reference and five forms including two sword sets. To my mind, Teacher Li occupies a place something like Chen Zhen Lei or Zhu Tian Cai as a model for a certain type of Taijiquan and the appropriate standard.

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  1. I am so happy you finally are selling GM Li’s Book. I studied with him for a few days and recieved even ranking from him! He is a very generous and kind person. This is a great book, as you said, spanning four generations of family. including GM Li Yulin, Sun Lu Tang,photos’ of GM Sun Jianyun, and Li Jinglin, the “Majic Sword” What a wonderful book this is!
    Thank you for recognizing his great efforts in Chinese Martial arts.

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