A Wire of Iron

What a year the monkey has been!

Now, we have so much good stuff coming in we can act like the Rooster Year is already here, and can start to crow a bit. In the next couple of months, we’re looking forward to adding more and more top quality books and DVDs, often in English. 

For instance, we have scheduled a beautiful book on Hakka masters; an original english translation of a new history and analysis of the Bubishi (Wubeizhi), plus a never-before-seen color edition of the essential text; an entirely new English language book and DVD on the Lost Track style and its key form; our own text in the Grandfather weapons series, this one on the Kung Fu Saber; not to mention recently posted items like Sifu Adam Hsu’s DVD course on Bagua Zhang. The Year of the Rooster is a good time for concentration and getting some important things done and that will be our goal and focus from this point on: more top-notch material on this great art, and more in-depth discussion about the core of the arts and each teacher’s response to it.

Another event enhanced this past month: we finally met one of our most popular instructors, Terry Dunn, after all these years. In four hours of non-stop talk we discussed everything martial, from our mutual Kenpo experiences to LiuHeBaFa; the skills of the Cheng Man Qing teachers; the proliferation of pseudo-Qi Gong; and much more. Known for his clarity of presentation on the subjects of Tai Chi and Qigong, you may expect more new materials onPlum, from Terry, in the coming months.

Hung Gar Iron WireAnother project just coming to publication is a rare event indeed: the Lam Family Hung Gar (Hung Kuen) version of the famous Iron Wire form, one of the pinnacles of Southern Kung Fu. This is the Lam family’s first presentation–in book and on DVD–of the knowledge locked in this exceptional form. Just to whet your appetite, take a look at the Table of Contents (you are the first to see this):

Part One

Chapter One: The history of Tid Sin Kuen

  1. Origins

Chapter Two: Lam Family Hung Kuen

  1. Lam Sai Wing
  2. Lam Cho
  3. Lam Chun Fai

Part Two: Techniques & Training

Chapter Three: Four Pillars of Hung Kuen

Chapter Four: Definition of Tid Sin Kuen

  1. Breathing and Tones
  2. Stances and Posture

Chapter Five: Introduction to 12 Bridges

  1. The 12 bridge hands

Chapter Six: The Secrets of Tid Sin Kuen

  1. Training Guidelines
  2. the Benefits of Tid Sin Kuen

Part Three: 

Tid Sin Kuen Manual (Photos and instructions of the complete set)

Chapter Seven: Tid Sin Kuen by Lam Chun Fai

Part Four:

Memorial dedications to Master Lam Cho

  1. Glossary of Terms
  2. Appendix
  3. Tid Sin Kuen DVD

Anyone who has seen the Iron Thread knows that they are watching something far beyond Qi Gong–rather, martial Nei Gong–that is, internal training, not just breath training. Everything else that has been produced by this family has been of superior quality. I am expecting no less here.

10 Responses to “A Wire of Iron”

  1. craig hiner says:

    When do you anticipate the Tid Sin Kuen manual by Lam Chun Fai will be available for purchase?

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Unfortunately it is taking longer than originally anticipated, but we are just waiting for communication from the publisher. So far, they have not published, but I assure you we are just as anxious as you to see it!
    Hopefully, soon.

  3. longle says:

    I am in the waiting of this book
    Hope it will be available soon

  4. Plum Staff says:

    Oh yes, VERY soon! Will update everyone shortly. Finally!!!

  5. Ismael García Martínez says:

    Just waiting.
    Thank you.

  6. Plum Staff says:

    Coming really soon, we promise! I will have an update post shortly.

  7. Gordon Cooper says:

    Has anyone researched the actual techniques used in China in pulling wire from crucible steel/iron? The alchemical, chi and other associations might figure into this choice of term for the form. Or, it is just a spiffy name someone made up on the spur of the moment.

  8. longle says:

    I am still in the desperate wait for the book.
    Hope Plumpub will make it come to life soon

  9. Plum Staff says:

    Soon, soon, soon! Sorry, we are waiting for the shipment from the publisher in Italy! Soon!!

  10. Plum Staff says:

    It’s here!

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