Ever Heard of Shaman Kung Fu?

6 Harmony Tan Tui







Even if you have only visited PLUM a couple of times, you will note that we have a huge selection of materials: DVDs, English language books, VCDs, Chinese texts, en face books and more.

At present we have one of the largest collections online, and growing. When we started Plum we wanted to do two things: promote the Chinese martial arts and create a resource for all the various study projects out there. We’ve helped people compiling information on their style, their teachers and even their own family. From the beginning, this site has been the start of many translation projects that would never have happened without uncovering some out-of-print text. So, if you wonder at just the plain bulk of our project,  look at our predicament; we don’t grab everything out there and some things are world class, famous texts. But there are also some pretty obscure texts which we can’t ignore; someone out there might need them! For instance, this new batch of books has a style we’ve never even heard of–”Shaman Kung Fu”–and even then it is not what you might think.

To see each style, click on the images: Shaman Kung FuBaji, Lan Shou (like Baji),  Shaolin6 Harmony Tan Tui

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