Why the Saber?

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.01.18 AMTed Mancuso’s next book for Plum, adds the third to his four-book sequence on Kung Fu’s primary weapons.

Saber can explode your understanding of the more advanced weapons. A firm grounding in the “4-S” (spear, sword, staff and saber) actually helps in your empty hand practice. Even more than some of his earlier books, Ted is aiming to put the elements that make the saber the fiercest and–for some–most enjoyable of Kung Fu weapons.

As always, Plum has two goals with this series: first, to illustrate the heart of the art; second, to actually teach you how to operate the weapon. 

In this video (click image to see video) he took a break to explain his own fascination with the saber, and why it can be so useful to those who really want to understand the world’s oldest martial art.

6 Responses to “Why the Saber?”

  1. Tom Karls says:

    Looking forward to this new weapon book…any timeline for publication? Or was this just to taunt us readers? 🙂

  2. Plum Staff says:

    Um…sooner than later, at this point! It is going to be comprehensive, so that will take some time.

  3. Tom Karls says:

    OK, just wondering if I was treating myself for Christmas this year. But seriously, Sifu Ted’s books are always worth the wait.

  4. Plum Staff says:

    Thank you! May be more like a Valentine’s Day gift!

  5. Gabe says:

    This is very exciting news! Saber is also my favorite weapon and I would like more grounding in the fundamentals. Please include plenty of applications against spear.

    Once the grandparent weapons are done, will you be doing any other weapon DVD/book sets? Hookswords would be nice (hint hint).

  6. Stan Meador says:

    Any chance on getting comparison/contrast of the “normal” saber with the ghost head and Southern sabers? Some of the VCD/DVD descriptions mention that there is much common ground between these sabers, but mention some techniques or strategies particular to each weapon based on its shape.

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