Two More from Jack Yan: Whip Stick and Sword

The 8 Immortals Straight Sword of Kung FuThe Kung Fu Whip StickAside from his good work in bringing so much material on Chen Zheng Lei’s work in Chen style Taiji, it is no wonder that teacher Jack Yan’s recent contributions have gained so much popularity.

First fact, he holds a Ph. D. in Chinese Martial Arts. He also holds a Master’s degree in English. He has more than two decades experience teaching in English. His presentation style is light and clear. In two of his newest additions he brings up two weapons sets, each deeply drawn from folk sources. The Whip Stick is a common herding tool brought, in this form, to a high level of sophistication. The Eight Immortals sword not only is a routine with practical and interesting techniques but captures some of the Eight Immortals, symbols to all Chinese of righteousness and independence. The Short Stick and its popularity has inspired us to open a new section just for this practical weapon and DVD instruction.

And remember: these DVDs—along with one on TongBei—are companions to Sifu Yan’s great book, Traditional Kung Fu Trio.

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